Managed Print Services

The Cost of Printing

At Synergy Technical Network, we understand that documents drive business processes. Our managed print services are designed to help organizations control the cost of printing and increase the level of support for end users.

In order to create the best managed print environment, Synergy Technical Network first completes an assessment of the way your print devices are currently being managed.

Our Print Management program helps you control the cost of printing and increase the level of support.

Step 1: Measure

In order to create the most effective print environment, it is important to complete a document analysis about how your print devices are currently being utilized. This assessment will answer three key questions:

  • Which departments and users print the most documents and how often?
  • What types of devices are being printed from?
  • What is the calculated cost per document printed?

The analysis will provide your organization with an analysis of device usage and the daily business processes. The accurate print assessment report will provide you with:

  • Collection of printing statistics.
  • Benchmark metrics for better decision making.
  • Recommendations for creating a better print environment.

Step 2: Manage

Once we have determined the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your printer fleet, we can work together to develop strategies to control these costs and meet your business objectives. Common strategies include the following:

  • Remote Monitoring We can continually monitor your printer fleet by having basic information like device status, supply levels, and usage counts sent to our print monitoring facility.
  • Print Job Routing It makes sense to send high volume print jobs to low cost devices. Our print routing software will let you create and enforce printing rules.
  • Device Consolidation Will your business benefit from consolidating devices into a multifunction system? Get rid of redundant devices to reduce the cost of electricity, supplies, and support contracts.
  • Outsourced Management Many of our clients are happy to outsource the management of their printers to us. In this arrangement, we provide printer supplies, help desk support, onsite service, and remote monitoring on an ongoing basis.
  • Device Redeployment During the print assessment we often discover high capacity print devices in low usage areas. We can help you rationalize redeployment of these devices to high usage areas, helping to reduce your costs.

Step 3: Optimize

As your business needs continually evolve, your printing needs will also change.

After the primary management plan is put into effect, we can meet with you on a quarterly or semi-annual basis to review your usage patterns. From here, we can work together to identify further areas for improvement.

Optimization Strategies

These areas for improvement may include:

Workflow Optimization

Our managed print services program looks at the flow of documents through your output devices. We can help you take the program to the next level by looking at the flow of information throughout your business processes.

Technology Refresh

It may make sense to refresh your technology with newer printer and multifunction devices that use less power and enhance productivity. We can help you refresh devices as needed inside your cost-per-page program, eliminating the need for a capital expenditure.

Our Print Management program is one of several solutions to consider in creating predictable, cost efficient processes for your organization. To learn more about how your business could benefit from our managed print services program, request your assessment today.